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Sperm count, motility, vitality increased
JL PH July 17, 2017
Took this for 3 consecutive months and got significant improvement on my count, motility and vitality. My normal forms increased from 1% to 3% but still short of the accepted normal range. I have been diagnosed with varicocele so maybe it is hard to further improve the normal forms. Wife is not pregnant yet but we are not losing hope and will continue to take this product.
Ashley Sault are marie, Ontario July 17, 2017
My husband and I tried for 2 years. After the first year we got pregnant and within the first month we had a MC. After trying for another year and countless negative pregnancy test, ad tears, I started to research ways to help us conceive . My husband started taking this product a long with motility and it was my second month on femara. That first month of him taking this product we got pregnant! I am now laying here looking at my 2 month old in pure joy, never thinking we would be lucky enough to have such a miracle happen to us. Try it! I know we will be ordering more in the future. I never write reviews but told myself when purchasing these, if they worked I would write something. Good luck to everyone trying. Never give up!

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