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I'm pregnant!
Ashley Kane Columbus, Ohio July 11, 2017
I found the fertile focus so easy to use and easy to read. I had been trying to conceive for 7 months on my own and using ovulation pee sticks I was unsuccessful in conceiving. After 1 month of using fertile focus I am pregnant.
Useful tool-not exactly as clear cut as it seems
Courtney Michigan July 11, 2017
I purchased the Ovacue fertility monitor in an attempt to more quickly conceive my next kiddo. My last delivery was almost 5 years ago and since then my cycles haven't always been regular. I was excited to have a tool to help me know when I'm the most fertile and also learn more about my fertility overall. The at home ovulation tests weren't very reliable and they were costing a lot of money. The daily testing is very simple especially once you get in a good routine with it. The daily chart is easy to read and adding daily data is pretty simple. Now understanding your chart is another thing. There is definitely a learning curve in learning what all the chart data means but the ladies who help interpret your chart are lovely. If you post on the community board, they are great about getting back with you. Once I started reading on the community page and following other women's charts, I began to understand more clearly how to better interpret my own data. So my advice would be to just read lots of other people's posts because it will help. I'm at the end of my second month using the Ovacue so I'm not sure how successful our attempts have been thus far. Another bonus is that I love that I can have my husband be more involved with our fertility journey. With the ovulation tests, there's wasn't much room for partner involvement. With the Ovacue, I share my daily charts and can let him know when I'm having my blue days... Which are fun days. At this point I will continue to chart and hope all of our efforts are fruitful.

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