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JUST PURCHASED - feeling hopeful
Kaila Sydney Australia May 18, 2017
Just purchased! Feeling hopeful. been off depo injection a while now.

Wanting to kick start my cycle to go back to normal as I have had a normal period since having my first and only shot in January.

Reading the reviews I'm hopeful the product can help get me regular again as I'm ttc :)
45 Year Old Normal Embryo
Brooke Seattle May 16, 2017
I just want to say that I went through 5 IVF attempts and all embryos came back abnormal. I then went on OvaBoost at night as well as CoQ10 Ubiquinol vs Ubiquione & went through IVF #6 and miraculously at age 45 there were 21 eggs retrieved and 1 normal embryo came back from genetic testing. All my prayers have been answered. Highly recommend this product! Thank you!!

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